Healthogenics RESET Program

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Take complete control of your health and wellness with our Healthogenics RESET Program!

Identify and address your food sensitivities, understand and optimize the current state of your body, and lose those unwanted pounds with our Healthogenics RESET Program.  

Included in this bundle:

  • Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test
    • 1200+ Items Tested with our Comprehensive Test!  Learn more about:
      • Food & Drink Sensitivities
      • Toxins & Food Additives
      • Gut Health 
      • Digestive Enzyme 
      • Vitamins, Minerals & Fatty Acids
      • Nutritional Imbalances
      • Yeast, Fungi, and Candida Overgrowth
      • Inflammation Level
      • Metabolism Score
  • Healthogenics RESET Drops
    • A powerful anti-inflammatory that provides the following benefits:
      • Supports digestion
      • Aids in nutrient absorption
      • Provides natural detoxification
      • Helps to decrease and heal food sensitivities
      • Supercharge your immune system
      • reduce fatigue and inflammation
      • Increases energy
      • and more!
  • Healthogenics RESET Program Guide (E-Book)
    • A personalized program to help you lose weight and heal your food sensitivities.
      • Rx Food List based on your food intolerance results
      • Meal Plan
      • How to Be Successful in the Program 
      • And other helpful information to help you see results!
  • Online Health Courses
  • VIP Access to a Metabolic Health Practitioner
  • And more!

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